3 Things That Any Beer Lover Should Expect from the Best Craft Beer Bars Around

craft beer barsYou may not realize this, but not all bars are created equally. Sure, most places have a few favorites on tap, but not everyone can compete by offering the most popular craft beers of the moment. A lack of good beer options and no great pub fare to go with it are sure signs of a bad night for foodies and beer fanatics alike.

So how can you tell you’ve found a truly great craft beer bar? Here are three essentials that these types of restaurants offer patrons:

Awesome beers
What really makes craft beer bars the best option when choosing a restaurant? Ultimately, it comes down to the selection of foreign and American craft beers on tap or bottled. In the past few years, especially, more Americans have enjoyed discovering new imported and domestic beers, especially those made by microbreweries from all across the globe. For 93% of import beer consumers, discovering a new beer is a favorite activity when checking out a new pub; 88% of domestic beer fans and 84% of craft beer drinkers also rate this activity highly. Season also matters, with 84% of craft beer drinkers choosing their brew based on the time of the year. Great craft beer bars should offer plenty of great selections year round to suit beer lovers’ tastes.

Great food
Good craft beer bars are nothing without great entrees to complement them. One great all-American item is the burger. Craft beer restaurants serve foods like burgers because they’re popular, typically eaten by Americans at a rate of 4.3 times per month or a bit more than once weekly. Why are burgers so popular? They can often be customized any way diners prefer, and they make perfect sense when paired with an ice cold beer.

Events catering
Finally, what better way to celebrate with friends and family than with some excellent beer and great food? Whether you need a party venue or want your favorite entrees to come to you, having a burger and beer bar provide professional catering services may be just what your next party needs. This is a great option for everything from weddings and birthdays to Super Bowl parties and fantasy football drafts.

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