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Dead Presidents Pub: One of Your Favorite Restaurants in Wilmington DE

If you’re searching for great local restaurants in Wilmington Delaware, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Dead Presidents Restaurant and Pub is happy to provide excellent Delaware entertainment, satisfying cocktails, an extensive beer list, and tasty pub food for you and your friends. People love dining out — always have, always will — but there are far too many Wilmington De restaurants that offer exactly the same draughts and bar fare. It’s time to stop going to the same boring restaurants, and that’s where Dead Presidents Restaurant and Pub comes in.

So the next time you’re feeling hungry, bored, or thirsty, come discover one of the top restaurants in Wilmington Delaware for craft beer lovers. We have a long list of domestic, imported, craft, local, and seasonal beers for you to choose from, plus plenty of craft cocktails.

Looking for the Best Wilmington DE Restaurants? About Dead Presidents Pub

We’re located at 618 North Union Street in Wilmington. We promise both a relaxing and entertaining dining experience that will leave you satisfied and excited to come back for more tasty food in the future.

Whether you and a group of your closest friends want to split a few delicious plates of our amazing starters, or you and your date want to have a quiet romantic night with some savory entrees, we have something to satisfy your craving. Not enough restaurants in Wilmington De can accommodate so many different parties and tastes, but we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing night out with your partner or want to experience the best in local Delaware entertainment, come on down to the Dead Presidents Restaurant and Pub.

We’ve been one of the hottest Wilmington De restaurants for more than a decade and focus on comfort, entertainment, and, of course, serving you delicious food and drinks. If you haven’t sat down at one of our tables yet, it’s time to pull up a chair. Sample our famous brunch menu or stop by for dinner and a drink. You won’t be disappointed!

You can check out our Full Menu here. Don’t be afraid to give us a shout today:

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