3 Expert Tips to Help You Choose the Right Beer

3 Expert Tips to Help You Choose the Right Beer

When it comes to choosing between good craft beers, you may feel overwhelmed with your options. Beer selections have grown immensely over time and if you’re new to beer, or are looking for something new, you may not know where to start. So to help you out, here are a few tips to keep in mind when trying to choose the right beer.

Read the beer list descriptions: When you go to a bar, there’s bound to be a long beer list — this is a good place to start. Most beer lists feature short descriptions of each beer, telling you how bitter or sweet the beers are as well as what kind of flavor hints are included. If you’re new to beer, start with something simple that doesn’t feature a long list of flavors. From there, decide if you like something sweeter or more bitter and continue to decide what you do and don’t like.

Ask the bartender: If you are truly lost when it comes to knowing which of the many good craft beers would be right for you, consider asking your bartender — if they aren’t too busy, that is. Most bartenders are passionate about their drinks and can recommend a good starter beer. They’ll probably recommend a few popular craft beers but can make better recommendations if you tell them a little more about what you like in your beers. Or if your bartender is too busy, ask your friends or other people in the bar what they like.

Choose a seasonal option: When in doubt, you should consider choosing a seasonal beer. With 84% of craft beer consumers saying they like to choose which beer they’re drinking depending on the season, seasonal beverages are a great option. This is especially true if you like a little bit of everything — seasonal drinks are always super fresh and packed with flavor. So if you’re looking for good craft beers to go with your burgers this summer, consider a summer ale.

Choosing the right beer can be a surprisingly difficult process. But if you keep these simple tips in mind, you’re sure to find your new favorite beer in no time.