Have You Been Drinking Beer the Wrong Way?

barBeer is an extremely popular alcoholic beverage choice for many people across the country. People drink classic or American craft beers for leisure purposes at a bar, to celebrate events, or to just try something new if all they’re used to is vodka cranberry.

Even though beer is such a popular order at the bar and regardless of the fact that people drink it on a daily basis, if you’re someone that indulges in a brew every now and again there’s a chance you’re actually drinking it incorrectly. Here are three mistakes you can make when drinking beer and how you can avoid them in the future.

Stop Drinking Your Beer Cold!

Even if you love how refreshing beer tastes when it’s ice cold on a hot summer day, that’s not the best way to drink it. You’re actually supposed to drink beer, well most beers, when they reach just above room temperature. If you head to the store and buy a six-pack of your favorite lager, leave them out for a while and then pop them in the fridge for about 10 minutes before you’re ready to drink. This will allow you to get the best taste from your beer. You can also let your beer from the tap at a bar sit for a while to warm up so you get the best flavors.

Never Drink a “Skunked” Beer

Have you ever accidentally left your beer out in the sun for far too long? Did you then try and open it after it had been sitting out and realized it smells a little weird? If you’ve experienced this before you’ve experienced “skunking.” When a beer has been “skunked” the flavor is completely ruined and is pretty pointless to drink. You should always make sure to leave your beer and a cool and dry place that’s completely out of the sun to ensure you’re getting the best taste out of your drink.

The Proper Way to Actually Drink It

Did you know that there’s actually a proper way to drink your beer? It may be tempting to head home after work and drink one of the bottles you have sitting in your garage without pouring it in a glass first. However, you must ALWAYS drink your beer in either a mug or a glass. When pouring the beer, you must pour it into the center of the glass from about two to three centimeters above the rim. Let the foam settle and once it does you can then top the rest glass off. Then, you can drink your beer but make sure you do it in small steps so you can appreciate what you’re drinking. United States beer refrigeration equipment and draught dispensing systems were designed to hold beer at 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, now that you’re aware how to properly take care of and drink a beer you can laugh at all of your friends at the bars or craft beer pub who continue to do it incorrectly. (Oh, and please tell them the right way after you’ve had a good laugh or two.)