What Makes Beer An International Favorite Beverage?

What Makes Beer An International Favorite Beverage?

It’s no secret that beer is a popular beverage. In fact, beer is one of the world’s most favorite drinks. But what is it about beer that makes it an international favorite rather than wine or liquor?

Although the history of beer runs deep, there’s actually a simple explanation for why beer is considered to be the go-to alcoholic beverage for many Americans.

Why beer and cocktails?

For many, beer is often a staple beverage for many occasions including parties, sporting events, tailgating, and simply hanging out at the local bar. But why is it that beer is often the beverage of choice for outings rather than wine or liquor if all three are alcoholic drinks?

As it turns out, the popularity of beer isn’t for its taste (although many Americans have a love for the different hoppy flavors of each unique beer). It’s for its social factor.

Liquor is often very pricey and intimidating while wine is often enjoyed for the sake of relaxing or lounging with friends and family.

Beer is a social drink. Bars and pubs have a unique social value, especially when included in a given neighborhood. They’re a space of camaraderie and fun.

Because beer is the beverage of choice in these locations, beer itself has become a staple drink of social and familial comfort.

If you’re a drinker, beer is what you drink in a social space because you’re able to enjoy the alcohol without becoming quickly intoxicated the way you would with liquor.

You’re able to enjoy the company of your friends, family, and co-workers in a space that celebrates that social gathering and sense of community. The same is true for cocktails.

Compared to shots, cocktails are lighter and flavorful, which allows you to enjoy them in a social setting without necessarily getting drunk.

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Up to 41% of American drinkers reported that they typically drink beer while 31% said wine and 23% said liquor, according to a 2014 survey. And what better way to enjoy beer than at a craft beer pub with premium cocktails and good burgers?

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