Taking The Country By Storm: Why Is Craft Beer So Popular?

popular craft beersIt’s not just you. Popular craft beers are everywhere. In fact, the U.S. has more beer styles and brands than any other country in the world.

It may not come as a surprise then that the craft beer market is currently worth up to $19.6 billion. But why is craft beer so popular and is it really worth having?

The Magic Of Craft Beer: Why Small Breweries Are Making Big Leaps
The working class American has been turning away from the big brewing companies. Instead, they’ve been having more heart-to-hearts with small, local, independent craft breweries.

According to Business Insider, this trend stems from a consumer-based social movement based on a preference for small-scale artisanal beers made with authenticity, diversity, and stronger flavors.

Compared to non-craft brewers, craft beers come with traditional ingredients like malt barley. Craft brewers are also smaller businesses, making them more trustworthy to American eyes.

Millennial Drinkers: Better Taste For The Price
The bulk of American beer drinkers today are millennials. In fact, the millennial generation is set to become the largest generation in the U.S. by 2019.

As a generation brought up in the Great Recession and saddled with student loan debt, millennials take care in how they spend their money on food. Which means if they’re going to spend their money, they’re going to spend it where they get the most bang for their buck.

The majority of craft beers range between 5% to 10% ABV. When millennials choose to drink craft beer, they can feel good knowing they’re supporting local brewers while also getting great, traditional flavored beer without reducing the alcohol content.

Additionally, craft brewers tend to support a growing pub culture across the United States that millennials can take advantage of. Drinking out with friends and being social has a greater appeal to the millennial vibe than staying home and drinking non-craft beer alone.

Craft beer has taken the country by storm. Fortunately, it’s a storm worth dancing in the rain for and not running for cover.

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