Light And Dark: 4 Common Myths About Beer

Light And Dark: 4 Common Myths About Beer

From light beers in summer to dark beers in winter, there are many different beer types that people enjoy. But there are a few myths that have been circulating in the beer world that may be keeping some folks from taking a sip of good craft beers they could be enjoying.

Consider the following myths about beers that maybe even you have believed until now.

  1. Light-colored beers have a low alcohol content. The number of drunk folks you’ve seen at music festivals isn’t only because of the effect of the summer heat on your thirst. Many people make the mistake of assuming light-colored beers have a lower alcohol content compared to dark beers. However, the color of your beer is actually related to the malt content. It’s the yeast in the beer that metabolizes the sugar to produce alcohol. That said, the color of your beer has no impact on the alcohol content of your drinks.
  2. Dark-colored beers are heavier in body. The body of your beer is attributed to the strain of yeast used in the fermentation process. Some dark beers have a high proportion of unfermentable sugars, but the body of your beer and its color aren’t directly related.
  3. Lagers are lighter than ales. The yeast is what differentiates an ale and a lager. An ale is when the yeast ferments at a higher temperature and stays at the top of the beer. A lager is when the yeast ferments at a lower temperature and doesn’t stay at the top of the beer.
  4. Light-colored beers have fewer calories. The color of your beer is related to the malt present in it. The calories in your beer don’t come from the malt, but from the residual carbohydrates and its alcohol content.

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