What Kind of Beer Are You? Take Our Quiz!

craft beerBeer is great. There are so many flavors, tastes, and colors that it can be hard to pick just one when you are down at your local watering holes. Have you ever wondered what beer speaks to your personality? Maybe you’re an amber ale type of guy, or a girl who loves herself a good stout craft beer. To figure it out, take our quiz and you’ll soon have something interesting to chat about next time you’re hitting the pubs.

What do you want for dinner?

A. Grilled cheese

B. Porterhouse, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

C. A burger with everything on it.

D. Oysters.

What is your favorite bar showcased on television?

A. The Bada Bing from The Sopranos.

B. Orlando’s Gentleman’s Club from The Wire.

C. Cheers, from Cheers.

D. Enterprise D’s Ten-Forward, from Star Trek The Next Generation.

What color is your preferred beer?

A. The lighter, the better. I want to be able to see through it when I drink!

B. I like my beer like I like my chocolate: as dark as possible.

C. A rich golden amber that is like a mini campfire in a glass.

D. Pale ale is the way to go.

Thoughts on hard cider?

A. Sure, why not?

B. Meh.

C. No way!

D. Nada.

What is your favorite bar snack?

A. Peanuts.

B. My stout fills me up so I never have to eat when I’m at the bar.

C. Potato skins.

D. Mozzarella sticks.

What do you want your beer to taste like?

A. Fruity and crisp.

B. Strong and nutty, almost earthy.

C. Hoppy and tangy.

D. Brisk and malty.
Favorite bar game?

A. I don’t do games, I take shots instead.

B. King’s Cup.

C. Can’t go wrong with the classic beer pong.

D. Darts.

Your ideal drinking buddy is:

A. Lady Gaga.

B. The Dos Equis Man.

C. Seinfeld

D. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.

You are a wheat beer! You are crisp, light, and bubbly. You go with everything and anything, get along well with everybody, but you like to stick to your few favorites.

You are a stout! You like rich, hearty foods and believe every meal is a spiritual experience. Going to the bar for happy hour isn’t something to be planned last minute, it is an event.

You are a classic pilsner. You like when everything is neat and tidy, and you rarely stray from what you like. Nothing wrong with a classic, and you’ll be the first to make friends at a bar with your effervescent personality.

You are a craft beer, as unique as they come. You pack a punch, just like the popular craft beers that have up to 10% alcohol by volume. You enjoy the finer things in life, but have a secret obsession with everything Disney related.