A Few Excellent Reasons to Drink Local Craft Beer

good craft beersIf there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on, it’s that a good beer makes any season better. But when you’re appreciating good craft beers, it’s also important to consider where they came from. What business are you supporting by purchasing a craft beer?

If you want to find out why you should be drinking good craft beer from local breweries, keep reading.

Quality Ingredients
When you drink beer from a local craft beer pub, you know exactly what went into making your drink. The vast majority of local breweries keep their money close to their own business. Not only does this support a growing network of local businesses, it ensures that all of the brewery’s ingredients are local and seasonal. Considering that 84% of craft beer drinkers choose their brew based on the season, this makes local breweries pretty popular. And as an added bonus, that makes your beers fresher, more environmentally friendly, and more delicious.

No Long-Distance
A long distance relationship with your local brewery is no fun, which is why most breweries keep their drinks as local as their ingredients. So while a few of your local bars might have a craft beer on tap, most places outside of your city might not. Long-distance shipping not only means stale brews, it means more fossil fuel and other valuable resources are used in the transportation process. Without those elements in the picture, your local watering holes are creating a more sustainable business model.

More Alcohol, Less Drinking
Good craft beers usually have a higher alcohol content than many other imported and even domestic beers. Not only does that mean drinking less, it means a better, longer experience with a particular brew. Why switch it up when you can enjoy a glass or two of your favorite brew and be set for the night? Of course, you should always drink responsibly.

Whether you’re planning summer events or you’re just looking for a great place to spend happy hour, don’t neglect your local breweries! Their craft beer is helping you out in more ways than you know.