Burgers N’ Beer: Your Official Craft Beer And Burger Pairing Cheat Sheet

barIt’s no secret that burgers go with beer, but have you ever wondered why? Just like the sweetness of white wine balances out the light, salty flavors of a well-cooked salmon, the bitterness of good craft beers carry the weight of a rich burger.

On average, Americans will eat burgers up to 4.3 times a month. To help you make the right pairing based on the craft beer list of your local bar here’s your official craft beer and burger cheat sheet.

Is your burger sweet? Go light and fruity
When you pair a burger with a beer, you want the two to balance each other nicely. Have you ever made the mistake of pairing red wine with fish and the taste of the wine completely obliterated the flavor of the fish? That’s exactly what you don’twant to happen with your burger.

If the burger you’re eating is on the sweeter side (think pineapple or a sweet roll), it’s best to pair it with a beer that can stand on its own while complimenting your burger. Look for lighter, fruitier craft beers at the bar that will give you the sense of eating out on the porch on a hot summer day. A bitter beer will only eclipse your burger.

Are you a cheese fiend? Go smooth with a medium-bodied beer
For those who like a classic burger with a rich patty coated in just the right amount of cheese, a medium-bodied beer from the bar is often your best pairing choice. The salt of the burger will knock out the flavor of a lighter beer.

A medium-bodied beer such as those with smooth malts or hops can carry their own weight when it comes to a burger. You can take a sip of these craft beers and be sure to taste the flavors of both the burger and the beer without one fighting over the other.

Is your burger on the heartier side? Come to the dark side
Hearty burgers such as those coated with caramelized onions and pepper jack cheese can pack a punch to your taste buds. That means you don’t have to be afraid of going too dark with your beer when you eat these burgers. A dark lager or porter will help balance out the flavors of your hardcore burger as easy as, well, meat pie.

A good burger can be paired with a refreshing beer, a sparkling white wine, or an old-fashioned glass of Coke. It’s all about balancing flavors and rocking your tastebuds. For a professional opinion on pairing burgers with craft beers, visit your local craft beer pub today.