3 Burger and Beer Pairings that Will Have You Crying Tears of Joy

new places for dinnerWhat do you think of when you hear someone talk about food and beverage pairings? Does your mind instantly flit to a stuffy old sommelier, cloth draped over their arm and dryly saying, “excellent choice, sir,” in a way that makes it abundantly clear that they don’t, in fact, think all that highly of your choice after all?

While many people tend to associate the interplay between food and beverage with crusty old men with fake British accents (and we both know you read that “excellent choice, sir,” with a British accent), there is something to it. While the pomp and artistry might not be for you, there are still a few tenants that you should keep in mind — if you have any questions read our previous post on pairing beer.

But certainly, it doesn’t matter what beer you drink with something as simple as a burger? While it’s true most any good craft beer will go with a burger, there are some that work better than others. Here are three of our favorites:

There is nothing like the way that a Gose goes with a good burger (try saying that 10 times fast). This top fermented beer might have originated in Germany, but it has become a darling among brewers and many American craft beers are made in this style.

Gose is characterized by the addition of salt and coriander, and is considered a variant of a sour. The effect of the sourness and the salinity means that each sip will have you reaching for another bite of your burger.

This variation on the pale ale is popular in American craft beer bars. But unlike a traditional pale ale, these tend to be more fruit. A little spicy, and more carbonated. Although there are certain commonalities among saisons, trying a new one is a lot like trying new places for dinner, you never know what you’re gonna get till you’re there.

That’s because saisons got their start as farmhouse ales, made from whatever scraps were left over from the farm and brewed into a beer over the winter for the summer season. That largely meant that the flavor was never as regimented as other styles. But the extra carbonation, which is very much a defining feature, helps to lift the grease from your palate and keep every bite fresh.

Goses and Saisons are delicious, but you can’t be sure you will find one whenever you are trying new places for dinner. That is why we recommend a solid IPA, especially a West Coast IPA. They will cut through the richness of the burger with ease and keep you enjoying, even if you eat at places with smaller bars.

Some beers work better than others when you are pairing with your burger. Don’t believe us? Try experimenting when trying new places for dinner and you have a burger — and considering the average American has 4.3 burgers a month, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to give it a try.